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You have the power to protect your baby from dangerous illnesses like measles, tetanus and hepatitis. Immunization is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to a disease which is infectious. Vaccines when administered, stimulates the body’s immune system to fight against microorganisms that cause diseases. This protects the person against subsequent infection. Doctors and other public health experts have worked hard to come up with the optimal vaccination schedule that provides complete protection against infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Measles, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Chicken pox etc. If these vaccines are skipped or delayed, they lead to an increased chance of you being vulnerable to these diseases, thus it is advisable to be given at the right time as advised by your doctor.
Vaccination in India is carried out under the Universal Immunization Programme which is run by the government, these are the necessary vaccines required to be given to all children. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics also has its own schedule containing additional vaccines which can be given after discussion with the doctor. IAP Immunization schedules are modified every few years so that newer vaccinations can be added.
IAP schedule as follows:

At Birth

BCG + OPV (zerodose) +HepB1

6 weeks

IPV1 + DPT1* + Hib1 + HepB2 + PCV1 + Rotavirus1

10 weeks

IPV2 + DPT2* + Hib2 + PCV2 + Rotavirus2

14 weeks

IPV3 + DPT3* + Hib3 + Rotavirus3#

6 months

OPV1 + HepB3 + IV

7 months


9 months


1 year

HepA1 + Dental Checkup

15 - 18 months

Chiken pox + MMR + PCV + IPV1 + DPT1 + Hib1

18 months


2 years

TV + Dental Checkup + Eye Checkup

3 years

Preventive Dental Treatment

5 years

OP3 + DPT2 + CPV2

5 - 6 years

TV + Dental Checkup + Eye Checkup

8 - 9 years


10 years


10 years Female


*DPT: It is given either as DPaT or DPwT

**HPV is given only in females (3 doses at 0,1-2 months and 6 months interval)

#Rotavirus 3rd dose may be required only with one brand)

^ MMR 2nd dose can be given at any time 4-8 weeks after the first dose

$ The 3rd dose of Hepatitis B vaccine can be given at 6 months of age

$$ Varicella 2nd dose canbe given anytime 3 months from the first dose

PCV= Pneumococcal conjugated vaccine, IPV= Injectable polio vaccine, Varicella vaccine = Protects against chickenpox, Tdap = Tetanus toxoid + adult dose of pertussis and diphtheria toxoid, Td = Tetanus toxoid + adult dose of pertussis toxoid, HPV= Human papillomavirus