Author Name: Dr. Aditi Agarwal (M.S.General Surgeon)

Here Are Some Causes And Tips To Prevent Hemorrhoids

Most common piles is haemmorrhoids. It is due to swelling of blood vessels (anal cushions) and sliding of lining near anal opening. Due to increase in pressure in the blood vessels of the anal canal there is swelling and enlargement of anal cushions.

Does every person suffering from haemmorrhoids need surgery?

One in two persons suffer from haemmorrhoids. All haemmorrhoids do not need surgery and even if surgery is needed latest techniques decrease the pain to minimal (laser) or to nil (stappler).

What are the causes?

What are the symptoms?

Bleeding per rectum -painless

Mass per rectum

Itching around anal area


What is stappler surgery for haemmorrhoids?

It is a painless surgery for haemmorrhoids where haemmorrhoidectomy is done with the help of a stappler.

What are the advantages of stappler haemorrhoidectomy?

What are the other methods of haemmorrhoidectomy?

Other methods are open haemmorrhoidectomy (traditional method), closed haemmorrhoidectomy, DGHAL (Doppler guided haemmorrhoidal artery ligation), laser surgery.

When is patient discharged from the hospital?

Patient is discharged after 24 hours and is fit to resume work on 3rd day depending on his/her condition. It is also done as a day care surgery. If patient is tolerating solid food, can walk in a straight line, has family support at home then can be discharged in the evening post surgery.

However, he is advised to

How much pain does one experience after the surgery?

Initial 2 days because of perineal block, there is minimal discomfort. After that, especially after motion, one experiences pain which decreases after taking a bath.

The pain can be managed with oral pain killers.

Will it reoccur if I resume eating oily spicy food?

The root case of the bleeding is oily and spicy food. So you need to stop that otherwise you have a tendency that it will reoccur. In short, you need to shift to a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy food like green tea, lot of veggitables and lots of water.